Mnemonic Programming Code – Introduction

All discussions in previous sections have considered only the ladder diagram in all program example development. The next thing to be considered is how to get the ladder diagram into the programmable controller. In higher order controllers, this can be accomplished through the use of dedicated personal computer software that allows the programmer to enter the ladder diagram as drawn. The software then takes care of translating the ladder diagram into the code required by the controller. In the lower order, more basic controllers, this has to be performed by the programmer and entered by hand into the controller. It is this type of language and the procedure for translating the ladder diagram into the required code that will be discussed in this chapter. This will be accomplished by retracing the examples and ladder diagrams developed in earlier chapters and translating them into the mnemonic code required to program a general controller.
This controller will be programmed in a somewhat generic type of code. As the code is learned, comparisons will be presented with similar types of statements found in controller use. The student will have only to adapt to the statements required by the type of controller being used to develop a program for that controller.

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